LearnEurope 1.0

LearnEurope helps us learn & test our knowledge of Europe (Political Geography)
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Arctic Owl Software

LearnEurope is a freeware educational program for Windows. This excellent program gives us the opportunity to learn or fortify our knowledge about Europe (Political Geography). This program is very easy to use and suitable for all ages. Kids will find it very enjoyable as LearnEurope features a timer, high scores table, and three games to test their skills while playing and having fun. We are allowed to check/uncheck the following options: Leave 3D Country shapes on the map while playing; Leave name buttons highlighted, and Play capital cities. The games available are Pick Countries (choose the location of a country), Find All (choose the location of a country or a capital), and Pick Names (choose the name of a flashing country). By pressing the F1 button, we are able to get the rules for each game, know how to score points, and adjust some options. Due to the limited size of the map, the following countries are not included: Andorra, Vatican City, Monaco, Cyprus, Malta, Liechtenstein, and San Marino. LearnEurope is available for downloading free of charge from the developer's website.

Review summary


  • Good educational game for all ages
  • Completely Free


  • Seven small countries are not included
  • It cannot be opened in full screen
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